Melbourne Mustang6G Club is dedicated to Mustang owners within Victoria, Australia. Meets, Events, Pictures will be shared within the group. No unauthorised commercial posts allowed.

Club Code:

Code of Conduct

We are a friendly and helpful group who welcome newcomers and have built many strong relationships across the group. Please keep your posts positive and clean, nobody wants to be arguing over trivial stuff. Keep in mind that if you don’t want your kid to see it, don’t post it. Our demographic is diverse, and people are here to enjoy the car banter.

Profanity, nudity or disrespecting other group members/ their cars is not tolerated. Spamming, trolling or other behaviour deemed unsociable or inappropriate for the group will be addressed and will likely lead to a ban.

We really like posts related to Ford Mustangs, especially late model mustangs. Do post pictures of your ride or information related to late model mustangs. We all love seeing pictures of mustangs in all sorts of settings. You never know, your picture may be used as our group photo.

Post questions about your cars, we have a lot of members that have a vast knowledge of Mustangs. Some of them live and breathe mustangs – our active members include many people in the trade that can help with those gnarly questions! And if they can’t (let’s see you stump them), then they will know someone who can

Please keep your photos and videos of illegal activity to yourself as we do not condone street racing here in MM6G. We will also remove photos that are not relevant/ unrelated to mustangs at our discretion.

No member is allowed to have an Admin blocked, Blocking an admin will result in removal from the Facebook Group.

If you believe you were rejected in error or have a concern, please contact us via Facebook:  

Do not contact Admins on their personal accounts.


Solicitation of other Facebook groups within this group is prohibited.

MM6G Events must not be shared with other sites / forums / Facebook groups without prior approval from MM6G Admin.

Want to run an event? Feel free to post as an event on our page. You never know, you may be inundated with interest – with larger events we are happy to help, or all out join in and make it an official MM6G event!

A special note on events: By attending any event promoted here you implicitly agree that you are expected to abide by the State and Local Road and Traffic Authority rules and laws. Failure to do so could lead to your exclusion from the event. All liability for any loss, damage or injury you may suffer solely rests on you. The administrators of this group exclude and disclaim any liability for any loss, damage or injury you may suffer in attending the event however so caused. If you invite/ bring along guests to any event, you are accountable for their actions and must ensure that they are aware and concur with our club rules

We are a not-for profit group and actively invest in social events for our members. If you are a vendor or want to share a commercial post, please consider sponsoring our group. We have many pre-existing sponsors and will not support/ promote like services in respect of these sponsors.

Please reach out to the MM6G Admins if you are interested in sponsoring our group/ providing product discounts, please contact us.

Sponsorship is critical for the sustainability of MM6G and our Sponsors have paid for the right to market their products and services via our social media channels.  In addition, sponsorship creates great opportunity for our members, therefore as a member of MM6G any posts related to brand awareness outside of our authorised sponsors will not be approved by Admins.

Businesses and/or non-businesses acting to sell/promote product(s) may not send PM requests to our members who have not PM’d you first. Please do not solicit members in comments either. These approaches are considered unacceptable and may result in a ban from the group.

Private sales of cars/ parts or any other car, car parts or vehicles are encouraged through our sister group Aussie Mustang6gParts. We encourage you to post these items in our sister group so that we can retain this group for social activity. Please follow this link:

We want this page to be fun and socially acceptable to everyone. The larger this page gets the more we need our members feedback.

We have seen an influx of people trying to join our group that have no apparent interest in Mustangs. We have let a few in the group only to be spammed by advertising for items not related to this group. As such, we must be a little more discerning when it comes to membership requests. If you have been rejected but have a genuine interest in Mustangs and our social group do contact us to discuss your acceptance.

If you believe your join request was rejected in error or have a concern, please contact us via Facebook: