Who we are

Originally founded in July 2016 by a small group of enthusiastic Mustang lovers, M6G is a club based in Melbourne serving Victoria, and broader Australia.

The club focuses on late model Mustangs, however the club’s welcoming and open format embraces owners of earlier model Mustangs and other Ford, or performance, vehicles to its gatherings!

The group rapidly grew through the back half of 2016 with the roll out of the 6th generation Mustang and now stands with over 1100 members who engage on our social media channels, through our website, at club arranged meets and also, directly, as friends. With such a strong following, it is not unheard of to have 100 mustangs thundering through the valleys on a club cruise day!

What we do

Our club regularly plans a variety of events through the year and is continuing to change up the format with different events that appeal to its members. We have hosted BBQ’s, track days, cruises and coffee meets and we are often aided by our sponsors to make the events lively and interesting.

We continue to look for new ideas for meets and are open to trying something new with the passionate membership we have so contact us if you have a great idea – we may be able to make it happen. The primary goal is to have fun, enjoy our cars, create friendships and be family friendly.


To join Melbourne Mustang6G Club, the registration is completely free of cost! Click here to Join.

Why Join Us?

Your membership entitles you to:

  • Participate in a wide variety of club events including planned club events, annual car shows, various racing/track events and more.
  • Receive advice and assistance from club members.
  • Obtain exclusive discounts available from many of our sponsors..


If you are a vendor and would like to sponsor our club, we are interested in your ideas. Your sponsorship may help us pull together a great event and grow further as a club whilst being a great way of creating ambassadors and customers of your company. Any enquiries in regards to sponsorship, please email admin@melbournemustang6g.club

Club executive

Please contact one of the Executive members with any comments, concerns or suggestions.

  • Kevin Roy
  • Marc Giretto
  • Jiuliana McKenzie
  • Debbie Williams

Email:  Admin@MelbourneMustang6G.club